I am Florian, a long-term friend and building partner of Simon. We both started our creative journey on the Playminity build team. For the most part I was responsible for structures, facade details and all types and sizes of buildings. Regularly I shared this progress on my Twitter.

Medieval valley town

Medieval valley town

A medieval town with a Jump ‘n’ Run leading from the mountains into the valley

Warhammer 40000 oversized

Warhammer 40.000 oversized

A fan of the video game Warhammer 40k wanted a detailed, oversized model recreation of a game character to inspect and edit in Minecraft

Classic PvP Arena

Classic Arena

Multiple variations of this classic arena are suited for deathmatch or one on one fights

Italian suburb

This colourful, small Italian suburb is well suited as a waiting lobby

Detailed gothic fortress

This majestic Gothic castle has an extremely high level of detail, wide paths and a spawn platform

Four gates

Four gates detailed fantasy Lobby

Clean Rouge

This Bedwars map has a clean building style and is therefore very player friendly

Victorian Suburb

Together with a fellow builder, we created a city from the ground up in the Victorian era style. Containing many mansions, a town hall, market place, all fully furbished, this world can be explored for days

Greek Dragon Lobby

Greek dragon Lobby

Greek lobby with oversized fire and snow dragons fighting each other

Stylized areas

This giant, detailed lobby consists of four styles; desert, fantasy, medieval and east asia

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