I am Florian, a long-term friend and building partner of Simon. We both started our creative journey on the Playminity build team. For the most part I was responsible for structures, facade details and all types and sizes of buildings. Regularly I shared this progress on my Twitter.

Stone age museum

Featuring a T-Rex, this stone age museum offers many more pre historic organics and an aquarium

Beach island

This beach lobby has a village on an island with many options for join signs

Floating desert oasis

A Skyblock type world with an oriental desert styled oasis including palms, structures and a pyramid

Worlds Jump ‘n’ Run

play.timolia.de With many themes, organics and even more to discover, our Worlds jump ‘n’ run is a lot of fun to explore. Play it on Timolia in their gamemode Jump World. Enter with the command /e U685 3+ months building timeSize: unknownScale: MiniatureVersion: 1.8+Style: MixedCategory: Jump ‘n’ Run Gallery Posts

Colourful fantasy

This colorful lobby consists of many organics and small structures

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