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Expanding social media presence

Now my creations can be found on major Minecraft build sharing platforms


Fresh motivation

After my Abitur graduation and year abroad, I set up this website with fresh ideas on my mind and formed InfiniteBlocks into what it is today.


Preparations for the Abitur pause

2017 aswell as 2018 were successful years for our building journey but it was time to concentrate on more important things from now on.



Published 06.01.2017

It is generally agreed upon that medieval is the most obvious style to go for in Minecraft. Of course we had to convince ourselves of this and created another Jump ‘n’ Run in a medieval-steampunk fantasy mix.

Stopover, a review

Most of our build team members were being less and less available with school taking up a bigger part of our lives and so, I created a video summary with some of our maps built so far.

Steampunk styled Jump 'n' Run


Starting our Jump 'n' Run era

As I joined the Playminity build team, I made friends with some members and regular players. They would later become the foundation of creating our own InfiniteBlocks build team, lead by @InfiniteFlo and myself. To make a name for ourselves we found the Timolia server and their gamemodes to be the right starting point.


With our favourite gamemode being Jumpworld on Timolia.de at that time, we created a number of Jump ‘n’ Runs on their server.

The first being ‘Prismarin’ for a speedrun event hosted by McExpertDE called ‘Beat The Expert’.

Prismarin styled speedrun Jump 'n' Run


Published 15.11.2016

You can visit and play all our published Jump ‘n’ Runs yourself on the Timolia server. See the instructions below on how to do it

The first paid commision


Personal first ever Worldedit supported Minecraft build

Two main goals - efficiency and detail

With Minecraft being a very time consuming game, I realized from the first minute on that relying on tools helping with block placing would be neccessary and promptly installed the Worldedit singleplayer modification.

With my newly gathered skills I joined the Playminity servers build team via a plot build application.

Entering my video creation journey

To really present the effort and thought that goes into a Minecraft build, sometimes pictures aren’t enough. So I taught myself how to use cinematic creators and video editing programs, starting out with Camtasia Studio at first.

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