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Interactive demo

To get a better image of my creations, choose a world you would like to view ingame from the list below

This 1.16 survival server offers a vanilla experience with your friends and other players in the latest Minecraft version for both Bedrock and Java.

View the player spawn I created for them in their survival gamemode on:


Check out my recreation of the University of Chicago on this vanilla survival server. It runs on Java 1.16.3 and is accessable at:

Build The Vote Minecraft project

Take a look at the venue I created for a Rock the Vote initiative. Their questioning results can be watched on the 1.16.3 Java server with the IP:


On the Minigame server Timolia.de in their gamemode Jumpworld players are able to create their own Jump ‘n’ Run with many easy-to-use extras like checkpoints or portals, block by block.

Get on the server yourself, teleport to the minigame Jumpworld, join a lobby and type ‘/e {ID}’ in your chat to look at my maps in detail.

Minecraft Java version: 1.8-1.16.5