Interactive demo

To get a better image of my creations, choose a world you would like to view from the list below. Then start up the neccessary Minecraft version, enter the Server IP and join the multiplayer server. Have fun exploring!

This 1.16 survival server offers a vanilla experience with your friends and other players in the latest Minecraft version for both Bedrock and Java.

View the player spawn I created for them in their survival gamemode on:

Check out my recreation of the University of Chicago on this vanilla survival server. It runs on Java 1.16.3 and is accessable at: 
Build The Vote Minecraft project

Take a look at the venue I created for a Rock the Vote initiative. Their questioning results can be watched on the 1.16.3 Java server with the IP: 

On the Minigame server in their gamemode Jumpworld players are able to create their own Jump ‘n’ Run with many easy-to-use extras like checkpoints or portals, block by block.

Get on the server yourself, teleport to the minigame Jumpworld, join a lobby and type ‘/e {ID}’ in your chat to look at my maps in detail.

Minecraft Java version: 1.8-1.16.5


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