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Armorstands are Minecraft entities, which are editable to look like figurines in your world

A Minecraft skull by default takes the textures of mobs but can be edited to display pretty much anything on a 8×8 canvas

Yes, I know a majority of the popular gamemodes and have built many maps in that category. Focussing on player experience I began my legacy as a part of server build teams, starting with @Playminity

No, though recommended. But I can take you through all the steps involved from transforming between versions to server imports.


Amazing build for Hyperon! Will be using this! We've ordered a few times, excited to continue! <3
Nice, it's amazing !
Incredible build, included everything I requested and looks amazing 😀
Incredible detail!
Tolle Arbeit! Ich bin glücklich und ge"flash"t!!!
June 2020


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Advanced Worldedit & VoxelSniper
Armorstand creation
Replay Mod recordings
3D model creation
World import, export & transform
Cinematic shots

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The process of Minecraft building has turned into a science. But through my years of experience working with clients large and small all around the world, both Minecraft newcomers and veterans alike are well served with my consulting.

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