Medieval towers

These two medieval towers placed on a hill make a nice Spawn with a lot of opportunities to explore and display your server

Medieval village renewal

As a customer order, I expanded his medieval survival village with a castle, church, windmill and more. The world includes many vanilla survival elements, paths and interiors. Preview Previous Next 2.5 months building timeSize: 400×300 blocksScale: PlayersizeVersion: 1.16Style: MedievalCategory: Survival 0 + interior elements Media & Posts

Asian Plaza

Find zen gardens, pavillons, cherry blossoms, Toriis, a monk and one big temple in this oriental world

Build The Vote Minecraft project

Build the Vote

Rock the Vote initiatiated a project to teach the american primary voters their voting system. My assignment was to create the venue

Progressive antique hill city

Progressive antique hill city

This world is the best example for usual server projects of the Minecraft community. With the focus on two roundabout railways, this detailed fantasy city is well connected

Energy Core Village

Energy Core

This lobby has a village, which is currently absorbed by an energy core.

Medieval valley town

Medieval valley town

A medieval town with a Jump ‘n’ Run leading from the mountains into the valley

Warhammer 40000 oversized

Warhammer 40.000 oversized

A fan of the video game Warhammer 40k wanted a detailed, oversized model recreation of a game character to inspect and edit in Minecraft

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