I am Simon Wilka, a freelance Minecraft builder and university student from Germany. Over the past 7 years I have completed professional Minecraft build projects for people around the globe and have lead my own build team. I collected much experience in this art, perfected every style and can therefore realise your most crazy ideas in Minecraft – from landscape to castles and cities.

Classic PvP Arena

Classic Arena

Multiple variations of this classic arena are suited for deathmatch or one on one fights

Lonesome Spanish Town Island

This map is equipped with lots of details, heads and armrests and therefore perfect to explore. Nearly all buildings are furnished plus the castle offers plenty of room

Italian suburb

This colourful, small Italian suburb is well suited as a waiting lobby

Fantasy Portals Castle Lobby

Fantasy Portals Castle

The Fantasy Nether Portals Castle map holds 8 portals for you to use. Outside the castle area there is a small market and wonderful nature

Clean Rouge

This Bedwars map has a clean building style and is therefore very player friendly

Victorian Suburb

Together with a fellow builder, we created a city from the ground up in the Victorian era style. Containing many mansions, a town hall, market place, all fully furbished, this world can be explored for days

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