Clean Rouge

This Bedwars map has a clean building style and is therefore very player friendly

Floating oriental mountain

This map can be used universally as a Waitlobby, Lobby, Spawn or similar and is in a chinese theme

Steampunk styled Jump 'n' Run

Steampunk styled Jump ‘n’ Run

Details 3 months building timeSize: ~300×300 blocksScale: PlayersizeVersion: 1.8Style: SteampunkCategory: Jump ‘n’ Run View ingame Impressions Previous Next

Nature Deathmatch

A nice and bright nature arena with four caves as spawn points for players.

Beduine minigame

This desert Bedwars map has nine islands with small structures and sail roofs to color

Lost military base

This map bundle consists of one map in three different states. The military base gets more and more rotten with each map.
There are tanks, helicopters, structures, fighter jets and a flat, unescapeable landscape.

Worlds Jump ‘n’ Run

Preview Previous Next 3+ months building time Size: unknown Scale: Miniature Version: 1.8+ Style: Mixed Category: Jump ‘n’ Run View ingame Media & Posts

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