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Creating a world

There is alot to consider before creating a world. So take a close look at all your options and get inspired.



Best for real world 1:1 recreations, layout and planning projects

Suited for best player experience and interaction

Minecraft Fantasy Medieval Lobby

Ideal for exploring and detailing bigger worlds

Best for specific organics and detailed spectator pictures

Warhammer 40000 oversized

Minecraft version

InfiniteBlocks maps are compatible with your chosen Minecraft Java version. Conversions to Minecraft Bedrock for different platforms like Mobile, Console or the Windows 10 version are also possible.


detailed american office interior design


If selected, every structure get’s a decorative interior with style and purpose. The detail elements listed below come especially handy in this area.

Armor Stands

Armorstands are Minecraft entities, which are editable to look like figurines in your world.


By disabling the Artificial Intelligence of any monster, animal or mob they can be safely spread around the map as cute beautifiers.

Custom heads

A Minecraft skull by default takes the textures of mobs but can be edited to display pretty much anything on an 8×8 canvas.

Night mode

For a whole-day player experience, add spot-on lighting features to create a worlds ambience. Shaders or even the RTX version of Minecraft can really bring a world to life.

Player experience

Jump ‘n’ Runs

From beginner jumps to triple-neos, knowing the whole difficulty spectrum within Minecraft Jump ‘n’ Runs can be challenging.

Your players would be excited about this!


In case the Jump ‘n’ Runs appear too restless, a maze is always an easily implemented element to keep players busy.

Cinematic makeup