Tag: World

  • Merchant Oasis

    Merchant Oasis

    Trade with custom villagers at the bazaar, host battles in the arena, set up your base and explore with your friends

  • Medieval Village Renewal

    Medieval Village Renewal

    As a customer order, I expanded his medieval survival village with a castle, church, windmill and more. The world includes many vanilla survival elements, paths and interiors. 2.5 months building timeSize: 400×300 blocksScale: PlayersizeVersion: 1.16Style: MedievalCategory: Survival Gallery Rating Great work, professional builder Posts

  • Victorian Suburb

    Victorian Suburb

    Together with a fellow builder, we created a city from the ground up in the Victorian era style. Containing many mansions, a town hall, market place, all fully furbished, this world can be explored for days

  • Island Terrain

    Island Terrain

    Full of nature with lakes, rivers, trees, beaches, cliffs and more