Greek Dragon Lobby

Greek dragon Lobby

Greek lobby with oversized fire and snow dragons fighting each other

Oversized beehives tree minigame Bedwars

Oversized beehives tree

Oversized beehives tree designed for the minigame Bedwars, which is mighty popular amongst Minecraft players

Minecraft Fantasy Medieval Lobby

Fantasy medieval Lobby

A fantasy Lobby containing four caves in different styles, armor stands and furnished houses

Stylized areas

This giant, detailed lobby consists of four styles; desert, fantasy, medieval and east asia

Minigame map excerpt ship

Styled section quarters

This lobby consists of quarter sections including four styles such as pirates, forest, wasteland, winter

Fantasy stylized islands Lobby

Fantasy stylized islands Lobby

This hub consists of eight islands with different styles. All islands are connected by a bridge, have join-signs and harmonize to a collection of islands in the ocean

Stone age museum

Featuring a T-Rex, this stone age museum offers many more pre historic organics and an aquarium

Beach island

This beach lobby has a village on an island with many options for join signs

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